ViewPort Magazine Theme Released

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ViewPort is a magazine style theme that will allow you to run your own online magazine, news, or editorial based site. ViewPort features a mobile-friendly, responsive design that will look good on any device or browser and is built with HTML5 and CSS3. ViewPort was originally designed by the amazing Orman Clark of!

Check out ViewPort now!

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6 Responses to ViewPort Magazine Theme Released

  1. I can’t figure out to install this theme. I am a complete novice and purchased the bundle for $99. I have viewed the YouTube instructions but I’m miffed. Can you tell me how to get the ViewPort theme up and running on my website “” Thanks, Connie

  2. This is a nice looking theme, well done Chris.

    That said, I looked at it on my smart phone (HTC One XL running Android 4.1 using default browser) and the demo site doesn’t seem to look any different on my phone as it does on the PC. I was hoping to see it automagically change layout and font sizes etc to compensate for the device. Is this something that would need to be turned on for a live site that isn’t on the demo? (FYI, same deal for Slate).

    Seriously considering the Bundle, but need to get a few things like this sorted first. Thanks.


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