Ten Great Concrete5 Tutorials

concrete5 tutorials

Concrete5 is a great new Content Management System (CMS) that is gaining popularity very quickly. If you are wanting to learn how to use concrete5 for your next web project, here are 10 great tutorials about concrete5 to get you started:

1. Basic Video Tutorials for Concrete5

Video tutorials on how to use concrete5.

2. How to Install a Concrete5 Theme

An easy little tutorial on how to install a concrete5 theme.

3. “concrete-ize” a basic HTML theme in 8 minutes

Get an introduction to how concrete5 themes work and how to create one.

4. Creating a Concrete5 Theme

A very great in-depth tutorial on building a concrete5 theme.

5. How to use your logo instead of site name in your Concrete5 Theme

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to add your company logo to your concrete5 theme.

6. Making Core changes outside of the Core

If you ever need to modify any of the concrete5 core, here’s a tutorial on how to do that without actually messing with the core files.

7. Customizing Sitemap.xml in Concrete5

A tutorial on how to customize your Sitemap.xml file.

8. Creating Single Pages in Concrete5

Wondering what Single Pages in concrete5 are and how to create them? This tutorial will show you how.

9. Making your own Concrete5 Block

Understand what files make up a block and learn how to make your own.

10. Editing your Concrete5 Site

Learn the ins and outs of editing your concrete5 site.

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12 Responses to Ten Great Concrete5 Tutorials

  1. Remo says:

    Chris, thanks for the link!
    I actually translated that tutorial on my own, maybe the google translation is better? (:

  2. Remo says:

    There’s also a little extension to that tutorial which explains how to create a drop down menu

  3. ScottC says:

    I was amazed that my post on editing files outside the core didn’t garner a reply at all :)


  4. Subrahmanyam says:

    This is good tutorial for new to Concrete5 , like me


  5. chirag says:

    I am a new user of Concrete, I wanted to know how to insert sitewide elements on a template (like search, footers etc. ) any pointers will be appreciated. thanks

  6. Tony says:

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make packages in concrete5 (for if any of you would like to contribute/sell your themes or blocks in the concrete5 marketplace):

    Great site man! keep it up!!

  7. nrvf says:

    The page is not showing anything useful. Looks like the site is dead.

  8. Gjergji says:

    Can you check the tutorial’s links? They seem dead.. a 404 page is displayed.

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